The Cancer-Treating Plant


Goya, also known as Karela is a melon with an extremely bitter taste while it shape resembles a cucumber. The fruit grows in humid and hot climates, thus is mostly found in South America and Asia. The founder of the effects of this miraculous fruit is Dr. Frank Shallenberger M.D. who specializes in Anti-Aging treatments and Alternative Medicine at the Nevada Center of Alternative & Anti-Aging Medicine. He was the one who found a way to use its natural components and treat patients that are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It is able to inhibit the cancer cell growth, thus Frank advises his patients to treat themselves with all natural products.

Goya destroys 90-98% of the cancer cell lines

The latest research found out that 5% solution of Goya is able to fight pancreatic cancer. This fruit’s effects were also tested by the University of Colorado and the outcome showed that there was a 64% reduction in the size of the pancreatic tumors.

This fruit is great for treating:

Skin infection
Stomach issues
Symptoms of diabetes

When consumed regularly it also:

Boosts stamina and energy;
-Reduces occurrence of neural tube defect in newborns sue to folate;
-It is rich in polypeptide-P (a phytonutrient that lowers blood pressure), special charantin (increases glycogen synthesis and glucose uptake in the liver, muscles, and adipose tissues). These components lower blood sugar which is important in patients with type-2 diabetes;
-The Goya juice increases the stability of the immune system and the resistance of the body against infections;
-The large amounts of beta-carotene makes this fruit great for improving eyesight and relieves vision issues;
-It helps with hangover accelerating the metabolism of alcohol and nourishes and cleanses the liver after alcohol consumption;
-It stimulates food peristalsis and eases the digestionuntil the food is finally excreted through the bowel and out of the system;
-Cleans and detoxifies the liver, relieves the gout and stimulates blood circulation;
-Helps relieve psoriasisand fungal infections, such as Athlete’s feet and ringworms.