How to Shape Your Eyebrows


Shaping your eyebrows isn’t easy at all. Many of us have tried to do it ourselves, ending up with one super thin, shapeless eyebrow, and the other one looking even worse (not to mention totally different than the first one!). Like everything else, shaping your eyebrows is a matter of practice. However, there are useful tips to do it right. Here are some of them:

  • Step 1: Take a pencil, tweezer or a ruler and lay it vertically against your nostril. It should go all the way up, making an imaginary line converging with your eyebrow. This is the spot where your eyebrow should begin. Any “extra” hair should be plucked.
  • Step 2: Always starting from your nostril, take your pencil, tweezer or ruler and lay it in on top of your eye in a way that it passes over your pupil. Where it converges with your eyebrow is the spot where your arch should be. Mark it with a white eyeliner.
  • Step 3: Starting from your nostril, lay your pencil, tweezer or ruler at the edge of your eye. That’s the place your eyebrow should end. Remove any hair that goes beyond that spot.

Now, start removing any “stray” hair on your eyebrows, and don’t forget to pull in the direction of its growth (it will be less painful!). If this is your first time doing it yourself, go slow… You can remove extra hairs if you wish thinner eyebrows after you’re done, but you can’t get broader eyebrows once you’ve plucked them too much.

Still having issues giving your eyebrows the right shape? A great idea is to go get your eyebrows done by a professional, and just remove any hair that begins to grow. That way you can keep your eyebrows looking perfect for more time, without having to spend money on getting them done again.


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