Skin Care Tips For Teenagers


While teenage is when your little girl starts looking her best, it is also the stage of hormonal and physiological upheaval. This imbalance can lead to a myriad of skin problems which include dry skin, acne, rashes, blemishes, and sunburn.

If your teen suffers from any skin problems, or if you are looking for some information on skin care for teens, the products that might help alleviate her condition, then you should consider reading our post below. Here, we look at basic skin care tips for your growing teen!

Effective Skin Care For Teens:

1. Drink Plenty Of Water:
Water helps maintain healthy, flawless skin and helps flush out harmful toxins from your teen’s body. Caffeinated drinks and oily foods increase the tendency of oil buildup and your teen experiences pimples and rashes on her skin. Excessive sweating and remaining indulged in outdoor activities makes you teen dehydrated, and it directly hampers her skin health. Regular intake of water improves the health of dermal cell membranes and keeps the skin hydrated (1).

2. A Balanced Diet:
Having a balanced and nutritious diet is quite effective and helps maintain healthy-looking skin. It is the best teenage skin care tip. The intake of soft drinks or junk foods easily triggers acne flare-ups, and your teen’s skin looks dull and dry. Unhealthy foods also increase the salt content in the body that lead to dehydration and poor skin health (2).

3. Follow A Proper Daily Beauty Regimen:
Your teen’s skin is open to dust, sunlight, and carbon particles, as she remains indulged in outdoor activities like going to college or going out with friends. So, your teen’s daily skin care regimen must comprise of three vital activities-cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

She can choose a facial cleanser that keeps her pores clear and unblocked. Regular cleansing also restricts oil deposition or production. Ask your teen to opt for organic products that suit her gentle skin. Cleansing keeps her skin clean and dust-free.

After a thorough cleansing, she should use a toner to open her clogged pores effectively. Use a cotton ball to apply the toner.

The last step of your teen skin care is moisturizing. After toning, moisturizing your teen’s skin makes it soft and helps it glow. But your teen must choose the moisturizer that suits her specific skin type. Even if her skin appears oily, the skin should remain hydrated all the time. For oily skin, your teen can opt for oil-free or gel-based moisturizer.

4. Do Not Forget The Sunblock:
Your teen should never forget to wear sun protection, especially if she remains engaged in outdoor activities. Sunscreen moisturizer with SPF 15 to 30 is suitable for teen’s skin, and it protects her skin from scorching, harmful UVA and UVB rays. Ask your teen to choose the moisturizer and not sunscreen to protect her skin from sun damage (3).

5. Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle:
A healthy lifestyle makes a positive impact on your teen’s skin and health conditions. Addiction to alcohol, drugs, or smoking degrades your skin health. It easily destroys the healthy glow of your teen’s skin. Smoking breaks the skin collagen and makes your teen’s skin look dry and dull. Signs of pre- mature aging occur to a smoke-addicted teen. Research concludes that smoker teens have low collagen and elastin production, and their skin appears dull and unhealthy. So, your teenager should give up smoking to maintain a good skin health.

6. Use Minimal Makeup:
It is common amongst teenage girl to use a bunch of artificial makeup products to look more beautiful and presentable. However, to look beautiful the skin should appear healthy and rash-free. Your teen’s skin is highly sensitive in this phase and application of harmful chemicals ruins it further. Ask your angel to use minimal makeup and use organic or branded quality skincare product.

7. Never Forget To Remove Makeup:
Your teenager has to attend numerous parties, sports and college events. To appear beautiful and presentable, she needs to use best quality teenage skin care products and makeup products as well. But after returning from the event, the first thing she needs to remember is to remove her makeup. She can use cleansing milk to remove the makeup gently and not to hamper her skin. For removal of eye makeup like kajal or eyeliner, baby oil is highly effective (4).

8. Don’t Prick Acne Or Pimples:
Pimples and acne are common skin problems of adolescents. Restrict your teen from popping the pimples or bumpy rashes, as the marks become permanent and tough to remove (5).

9. Use Clean Tissues To Wipe The Skin:
It is better for your teen to use wet tissues to wipe her face. If your teen experiences excessive sweating, ask her to carry tissue bags in her wallet or handbag. The product is rather handy, and she can use it any time to cleanse her face and look fresh.

10. Eat Green Vegetables:
Caring just from outside is not enough for healthier and youthful skin. Your teen needs to build a strong immunity from the inside, which makes her skin appear healthy and fresh. Make her eat plentiful amounts of green vegetables to make the skin healthier from inside.

11. Exfoliate:
One of the proven causes of acne in your teen is the buildup of dead skin cells. It blocks the pores, and the skin looks damaged and dull. Blockage of pores also increases the risks of pimples and acne in your teens. The best way to avoid acne is exfoliation of skin using skincare products containing salicylic acid (BHA). The ingredient gently exfoliates your teen’s skin and kills the harmful bacteria (6).

12. Remove Blackheads More Often:
The scrubber is an effective product that helps remove dead cells like black and white heads. These black and white heads usually appear around the nose and under the lower lip. Ask your teen to take a small amount of scrubber and water and massage it on the complete face gently. Your teen can use scrubber for twice or thrice a week.

13. Wash The Face Regularly:
Your teen needs to wash her face twice or thrice a day with plain water and mild soap or cleanser. Washing helps remove the dust particles and keeps the skin healthy and fresh. One of the best skin care tips for teenagers.

14. Don’t Dab Your Face With Lots Of Talcum Powder:
Teenagers love to look brighter and shiny and use excess face powder even during the daytime. But dabbing excess powder clogs her pores and makes the skin appear dull and unhealthy.

15. Take Enough Rest:
Your teenager remains completely indulged in her studies, friends, sports and other curricular activities. For healthier skin, she needs to take sufficient amount of rest. A lack of sleep triggers black marks beneath her eyes, which appear horrible.

Skin Care Tips For Teens Of Different Skin Types:
It is important for your teen to know her skin type and use the tips and skincare products accordingly:

1. Dry Skin:
When your teen’s skin looks dry, flaky, and dull, especially after she uses soap to clean her face she has dry skin. For such a skin type, your teen needs to use mild, alcohol-free toner and a rich, creamy cleanser. She can moisturize her face as many times as her skin becomes dry (7).

2. Oily Skin:
Oily skin is full of grease, and it increases your teen risk of experiencing acne and pimples. For oily skin, your teen can wash her face with normal soap and water. She can use toners and astringents containing alcohol to cleanse her skin gently. But while using moisturizer she needs to remain extra cautious and choose a gel-based or matte moisturizer (8).

3. Combination Skin:
Most teenagers have a combination of dry and oily skin. An oily center panel across the forehead and the nose, cheeks, while the eyes and neck seem drier. For combination skin, your teen can use a mild milky cleanser and moisturize the drier areas more frequently.

Best Skin Care Products For Teens:
Your teenager needs to use gentle skin care products, depending on her skin type. Here are some important skin care products that she can use in her daily regime:

1. Sunscreen:
Sunscreen is one the vital products that protects your teen’s delicate skin from sun damage.
Sunscreen appears effective to protect the skin from harmful UV rays and signs of aging. High exposure to sun rays causes lines and wrinkles on your teen’s skin.
Your teen should develop the habit of wearing sunscreen regularly. She can use a sunscreen with SPF 20 or more for daily wear.
Your teen should choose a sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays (10).

2. Facial Cleanser:
Every day your teen’s skin remains exposed to harsh weather and various environmental pollutants. It makes her skin dry, dull and damaged. The dirt particles clog the pore and skin become excess greasy.
The cleanser helps in removal of the accumulated dust particles from her skin surface and opens the pores gently.
Without cleansing, the moisturizer cannot penetrate the skin deeply and nourish her skin cells.
Instead of using soaps that disrupt the pH balance of your teen’s skin, it is better to use the mild facial cleanser.
Your teen mostly suffers from acne and pimple due to the hormonal imbalance. Ask her to cleanse her face twice daily using branded quality facial cleanser (11).

3. Moisturizer:
Moisturizer not only nourishes your teen’s skin cells but also keeps it hydrated and softens it.
Your teens must apply the moisturizer gently with correct massage strokes that improves the blood circulation and makes her skin glow.
Teenagers with oily acne prone skin need to use a light oil-free moisturizer that gently hydrates her skin cells.
Teenagers with dry skin should choose moisturizers that are rich in moisturizing ingredients. (12).

4. Face Scrubs:
Your teen can use the facial scrub for once or twice a week, to remove the dead skin layer and expose her healthier new skin.
Scrubbing helps to open the clogged pores, and her skin looks healthy, fresh and radiant.
But restrict your teen from using harsh face scrubs every day. As her skin is extremely delicate, it hampers the skin cells and rashes begin to appear (13).

5. Face Mask:
Other than using face scrubs your teen can use a weekly face mask or pack to exfoliate her skin.
Teenagers with oily skin type can use clay-based masks.
A face mask help removes toxins, clears out her skin pores and removes dead skin cells effectively.

Important Points To Remember:
Teenage is one of the crucial development stages of your child’s life. During this particular stage your child slowly matures and enters into the new world of adolescence. Your teen dreams to look the best, and even a small skin rash or pimple appears like a nightmare for her.

Here are some helpful points that you should remember while dealing with your teen’s skincare issues:

-Your teenager pays huge importance to her skin problems. She becomes extra sensitive when a small pimple appears on her face and destroys her complete look. You have to remain sensitive and listen to her issues calmly. If you do not show interest in listening to her issues, it affects her mindset negatively. Your teenager can become introvert and in later stages she refuses to socialize because of her bad look.
-Another important point is to take your teen’s skin problems seriously. If you neglect them, it becomes larger in latter stages. For instance, if your teen does not take proper measures to take care of her pimples or acne, it can leave a bad scar on her face.
-You must explain to your teen that skin problems are common occurrences during this phase of life. Due to the hormonal changes, such skin problems appear. You can boost their morale and tell them to remain positive and not stress about the skin issues. Excess stress or depression hampers the skin health.
-Another challenge that you face is that you teen tries to use different products on her skin. She follows her friends or watches the TV commercials and buys the products. Restrict them from experimenting different products in their skin, as it triggers serious skin problems.
-If your teen experiences serious skin issues like blemishes, acne or recurrent pimples, take her to the skin specialist immediately. Proper treatment and effective medications cure her skin problems effectively.