Anti-Wrinkle Mask


We have never given up on the journey to find The Fountain of Youth. Being immortal seems exhausting, but looking immortally young, that’s something we all can sign up for! Some women embrace their wrinkles. Wrinkles represent wisdom; they showcase our journey through life and are a beautiful representation of who we are. Unfortunately, sometimes they come earlier than we want them to. There are a lot of factors which cause wrinkles, including ultraviolet rays from the sun, genetics, our facial reactions, unhealthy habits, poor diet and stress.

There are hundreds of creams on shelves with amazing ingredients that offer to get rid of wrinkles, and they may actually work. The problem is those creams have a lot of ingredients your body doesn’t need to get rid of wrinkles. A lot of those chemicals only work in support of other chemicals. Simple is always better, and this Do-it-Yourself Anti-Wrinkle Mask is simplicity at it’s best. The richness of honey and the soothing effect of oatmeal are all you’ll need to stay forever young.

Ingredients & Why They Work:

Oatmeal- Whenever kids get the chicken pox, an oatmeal bath is one of the best treatments in helping to soothe that itchy feeling. As adults, oatmeal can do that and so much more. Oatmeal contains 18 amino acids which help build, repair and promote healing in our body. By applying oatmeal topically to your face, you get the direct benefits of healing. The texture of oatmeal also makes it a natural exfoliant. Removing dead cells from the face allows healthy skin cells to receive the nutrients they need to stay vibrant.

Raw Honey- Although processed honey is also effective, raw honey is more rich in amino acids and beneficial vitamins. Honey is rich with many vitamins from the B family; the most important one being vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 helps combat free radicals. Free radicals are chemical waste left over from naturally occurring reactions in our bodies. The combination of trauma to the body such as stress, pollution or a poor diet combined with free radicals increases wrinkles, leaves blemishes and creates uneven skintones. B1 removes the source of free radicals, which in turn helps combat the damage free radicals leave. For your face, this means decreasing wrinkles and the appearance of the aging process!

What to Do:

1. Prepare 1 serving of oatmeal as directed on the package. We suggest using purified or filtered water in order to avoid any unnecessary bacteria.
2. Add 2 tablespoons of raw honey to the oatmeal and stir until combined. For a finer consistency, pulse in a blender for 10 seconds.
3. Transfer the mixture to another bowl and allow it to cool. It will take longer to cool if you leave it in the pan.
4. As you wait for the mixture to cool, wash your face with warm water to remove any excess you may currently have on. Your face should be in it’s natural state to guarantee every part receives the necessary benefits of the nutrients.
5. Once the mixture is cool, apply it to your face and slightly below your jaw line. Slightly massage the mixture through your face and utilize the exfoliation properties of the oatmeal.
6. Leave the paste on for face 10 minutes.
7. Wash your face with warm water and remove the paste from your face.
8. Apply a natural moisturizer to your face to keep it healthy. Shea butter is one of the best multi-purpose moisturizers. It is 100% natural and also stimulates cellular growth, is a sun screen and repairs damaged skin.
9. This mask can be applied once daily to keep your skin looking vibrant. The younger you is here to stay!