How to use a Beauty Blender Like a Pro


Stroll backstage at fashion shows or sneak onto a Hollywood set, and there’s one thing you’ll see in almost every makeup artist’s hand: Beautyblender’s signature pink sponge. Created nine years ago by Rea Ann Silva, who’s painted the faces of Kerry Washington and Alicia Silverstone among others, the egg-shaped makeup applicator has become an industry phenomenon, spawning copycats left and right. Why? Because it’s pretty much the best tool ever for applying foundation. But that’s not all it can do. We tapped Silva for only-she-would-know-this tricks for how to use the Beautyblender:

Stipple, Don’t Rub!

Whether you’re applying foundation, tinted moisturizer, or cream blush, follow these Silva-approved steps: Wet the sponge until it's completely saturated squeeze out the excess water, and dab it in your makeup. Then, bounce it along the skin, pressing slightly on the surface. “We call that stippling,” Silva says. This motion blends while depositing makeup, which makes foundation look more like, well, skin. Cream blush looks like a natural flush of color. You actually get more coverage with less product, and the pointed tip allows you to get into every nook and cranny—under eyes, around the nose, along the lips. Watch stippling in action below:

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Erase Your Mistakes

Everyone has a makeup mishap now and then. (We can't be the only ones who've applied Bozo blush by accident.) Don’t panic or remove all of your makeup and start over. Just use a dry Beautyblender to buff away blush overload or foundation lines. “Instead of bouncing, drag it,” Silva says. The texture of the dry sponge works as an eraser, lifting off excess makeup without leaving any traces behind.

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Even Out Your SPF

What, you thought Beautyblender was just for makeup? Think again. It’s the perfect tool to apply SPF to your face. “The idea is to get even coverage,” Silva explains. “We don’t realize by using our fingers how much uneven pressure there is.” Put a dollop of your sunscreen on a clean surface (the back of your hand will do), then dip the sponge into it. Using quick stippling motions, press the sponge into your skin. Here at Birchbox, we like to pair it with Supergoop’s CC cream and City Serum for unparalleled sun protection.

Perfect Your Self-Tanner

Instead of using your hands or a messy mitt to apply your bronzer of choice, use a damp beautyblender® bodyblender™, a black version of the original. “It's amazing for bronzers and self-tanners,” Silva says, adding that the sponge provides an even wash of color. No more streaks, random orange blotches, or too-intense saturation. Plus, it's a neat freak's dream come true: “Those products will stain your applicators, but with PRO, you won't see anything—it always looks nice and clean.”

Maximize Your Skincare

You can use your Beautyblender to apply your favorite moisturizers, serums, and primers, too. (Seriously, what can’t this thing do?) The pristine white Pure Beautyblender was originally developed for estheticians who wanted to apply skincare evenly and quickly. If you saturate the sponge before use, it won't absorb your products—no wasting that pricy anti-aging concentrate. Plus, it couldn't be gentler on skin. “It won't tug or tear as you're applying serums,” says Silva. And, because it's dye-free, it's also ideal for sensitive skin.