Dia Mirza Reveals Her Fitness And Beauty Secrets


This dazzling beauty has stolen everyone’s heart right from the time when she was crowned as Miss Asia Pacific in 2000. Her enigmatic personality and charming looks have made her the buzz of every event and party in Bollywood. We have seen her right from 2000 to 2016, and she has aged exceptionally well. Every girl would love to know her skincare and workout secrets.

That is exactly why we have brought you this post, featuring the best tips from the ever-gorgeous Dia Mirza.

Diet Plan:

For her fitness, Dia follows a very simple diet plan with small, frequent meals throughout the day. She has always stressed on how she keeps herself hydrated throughout the day. She keeps her carbs, sugar and fat low. She does not believe in starving herself and suggests that a diet with less sugar and fat is recommended. She is a huge fan of fresh fruits/juices. She does not prefer too much spice and oil in her food.

Her day starts with a glass of warm water with lemon, carrot or tomato juice to detox herself. This is followed by two apricots and eight raisins soaked in water overnight. She believes that breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day. So, her breakfast includes a bowl of cereal/porridge with a slice of multigrain toast and a glass of fresh fruit juice.

A plate full of fresh fruits is her mid-morning snack.

She eats a bowl of dal, a bowl of vegetables with two multigrain chapatis or one bowl dalia or one bowl khichdi. But, if she is busy shooting, she prefers south Indian food, preferably idli with coconut chutney.

Her dinner is light and comprises of a big bowl of salad and soup with one bajra/jawar/ragi chapati. Post dinner, she sips on her green tea to boost metabolism.

For evening snacking, she likes a glass full of fresh fruit juice or a cup of green tea.

Workout Plan

Dia believes that the secret to pursuing a workout routine is to find the one that stimulates you. So, she alternates her routines. She suggests that it is the best way to hold interest in a good workout. Dia starts her workout with a 45-minute warm-up on the treadmill, followed by some weight training. Like most of the celebrities, she is also into functional training and cross-fit exercises. She also does kick-boxing. She also practices yoga every day to cool down and relax her body. She focuses on her abs twice a week. With a hectic schedule and travelling involved, her career demands her to have an alternate plan for workout. When she is travelling, she does an hour of swimming, followed by an hour of dance to stay in shape. We think it is a very simple and fun way to stay fit!

Skin care Routine

With her clear porcelain skin, every girl is dying to know her skin care secrets! She is a huge fan of Body Shop and the natural ingredients found in it. For her skincare routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising, she relies religiously on a French cosmetic brand called Uriage (Buy Here).

She takes extra care that she sleeps with a clean face, without any traces of makeup. Dia always uses a sunscreen when she steps out, and prefer Vichy Capital Soleil with SPF 50 (Buy Here). As she has combination skin, she makes special efforts to avoid acne in her T-zone.

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Makeup Preferences

Dia believes in minimal makeup. She strictly stays away from using thick pancake foundations, and keeps her foundation to a light/medium coverage. She swears by a light coverage of Extra Virgin Minerals cream compact foundation or M.A.C Studio Fix foundation. She always prefer using Makeup Forever highlighter to accentuate her cheekbones. She uses a Bobbi Brown eyeliner (Buy Here) for her beautiful eyes and gloss from the same brand for the lips. Dia does not use any harsh chemicals on her hair, and it shows in her lustrous locks! She goes for regular deep-conditioning and trimming to keep her hair healthy.

Steal these fitness and beauty secrets of the very gorgeous Dia Mirza to look impeccable every day, just like her.

Source: www.bollywoodshaadis.com/articles/amazing-workout-and-skincare-secrets-of-dia-mirza-4309
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